At Unison, a wide range of ethical, generic, and OTC drugs are manufactured under strict supervision of high-experienced, authorized pharmacists and chemists. All facilities and performances are set to conform with all the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in compliance with the standards of World Health Organization (WHO) and National Health Authority Regulations, to ensure that the quality of the final products will meet all the requirements of FDA & Department of Medical Sciences.

As we are focusing more on establishing long-term relationship with our customers, we try our best to deliver satisfaction to our customers through the quality of products and services that would be proven through the time.

By purchasing the raw materials from accredited suppliers and a reasonable mark up, we are able to keep up with the quality of our product while keeping the prices reasonable

As "people" plays a crucial role in achieving the overall success of the organization, in turns we provide our people with pleasant work environment, health program, as well as training and seminar. For us, it is also our goal to create the quality work life for our people while supporting them to achieve their professional goals.

As a certified GMP manufacturer, we have put high concern for safety and environmental protection of our society by maintaining the requirements of cleanliness, safety, and proper chemical disposal.



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